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Rave Caterers

666 Fifth Avenue, 15th Floor New York NY 10103 USA

Source: Star-K

Distance: 5.85 miles


Oholei Manachem / Oholei Torah

667 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn NY

Source: Beis Din of Crown Heights. USA

Distance: 6.95 miles


Bais Rivka (only with chk)

470 Lefferts, Brooklyn NY 11215

Source: Beis Din of Crown Heights. USA

Distance: 7.42 miles


Razag (only with chk)

739 E. New York Ave., Brooklyn NY 11203

Source: Beis Din of Crown Heights. USA

Distance: 8 miles


Michael Scott Events

36-11 33rd Street, Long Island City

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Distance: 8.08 miles


Da Mikelle Palazzo

69-02 Garfield Avenue, Woodside

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Distance: 9.66 miles


Da Mikele Illagio

79-17 Albion Avenue, Queens

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Distance: 10.58 miles


Versailles Palace

63-34 Austin Street, Rego Park

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Distance: 11.96 miles


Da Mikelle

102-55 Queens Boulevard, Forest Hills

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Distance: 13.22 miles



86-15 Lefferts Boulevard, Richmond Hills

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Distance: 14.81 miles

New York has the largest Jewish community in the world outside of Israel. Jews from Brazil who fled from the Portuguese Inquisition arrived in the city as early as 1654.
At the beginning of the last century, many Jewish immigrants settled in the city or rather in different parts of Brooklyn.
The Jewish community has a strong influence on the character and development of New York.
The city has an extensive infrastructure providing resources to support Jewish lifestyle.
There are many synagogues, kosher shops and restaurants, Chabad houses. The city hosts conferences and events for the Jewish public and much more.
Most non-Jewish New Yorkers also consume kosher food — many Americans believe kosher food is cleaner and healthier.

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Zmanim Time
Alot 05:40
Tallit 06:05
Netz 07:04
Shema MA 09:00
Shema GRO 09:36
Tfila GRO 10:27
Chatzot 12:09
Mincha Gdola MA 12:34
Mincha Ktana MA 15:07
Shkiah 17:15
Tzet haKochavim 17:54


04 Feb - 05 Feb, 2022

Candle ligthing 17:01
Havdalah 18:00


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