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21, rue Buffault PARIS

Source: Consistoire - La Cacherout

Distance: 2.29 miles

Hotels, Restaurants


4, rue Lamartine PARIS

Source: Consistoire - La Cacherout

Distance: 2.32 miles

Paris is the center of Jewish life in France and is home to the largest Jewish population of all European cities.
There are dozens of synagogues in Paris, with a rich past, and most of them are still serving the Jewish community members.
The synagogue de la Victoire is the largest in all France. This synagogue is located in the Paris district number nine.
There are plenty of kosher restaurants and deli shops in the city.
These enterprises pay particular attention to the quality of the food and strictly abide by the laws of kashrut.
If you only eat kosher food or want to taste Jewish kosher cuisine, you can easily find a wide selection of dishes for every taste and affordable prices.

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Zmanim Time
Alot 03:24
Tallit 04:06
Netz 05:27
Shema MA 08:35
Shema GRO 09:11
Tfila GRO 10:26
Chatzot 12:56
Mincha Gdola MA 13:33
Mincha Ktana MA 17:18
Shkiah 20:26
Tzet haKochavim 21:18


07 Aug - 08 Aug, 2020

Candle ligthing 20:01
Havdalah 21:08

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