Norwood Mall, Sarie Marais Road, Norwood

Johannesburg, South Africa

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Pick n Pay Norwood Hypermarket

Norwood Mall, Sarie Marais Road, Norwood

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Fairmount Rendervous Centre, Bradfield Drive, Fairmount

Source: South Africa Kosher

Distance: 2.14 miles



74 George Ave, Sandringham

Source: South Africa Kosher

Distance: 2.96 miles

The majority of Jews in Johannesburg live in the wealthy northern suburbs of the city.
Jews in Johannesburg are mainly engaged in free trade and have a significant impact on the economy of the city.
The city has several dozen synagogues and an extensive Jewish educational schools system.
In some synagogues, visitors enjoy the services of experienced cantors.
In kosher restaurants in the city, local Jews meet Jewish travelers from all over the world and enjoy kosher delicious food.
Kosher and Israeli products can also be purchased in supermarkets, bakeries and butchers in the city. In addition, in every major Johannesburg supermarket you can find kosher products.

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Zmanim Time
Alot 04:47
Tallit 05:09
Netz 05:57
Shema MA 08:32
Shema GRO 09:08
Tfila GRO 10:12
Chatzot 12:20
Mincha Gdola MA 12:51
Mincha Ktana MA 16:03
Shkiah 18:43
Tzet haKochavim 19:16


26 Feb - 27 Feb, 2021

Candle ligthing 18:23
Havdalah 19:13


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