77 Doncaster Ave., #75, Thornhill, Ontario, Canada, L3T 1L6

Toronto, Canada

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Osnat's Catering Australia

0422 085 447, ozznio1@yahoo.com

Source: JewishAustralia.com

Distance: 13.74 miles

These days, the majority of Jews in Canada live in Toronto, which is also one of the most attractive destinations for many immigrants from Israel.
In the largest city in Canada, there are many Jewish community organizations, synagogues, kosher restaurants and kosher deli shops.
The Holy Blossom Temple synagogue, located at Bathurst 1950, impresses visitors by its size and architectural style. In early years, there were several synagogues, which later were combined into one.
In the center of the city is an orthodox synagogue that has a warm atmosphere and offers kosher meals for Shabbat.
Most of the Jewish community is concentrated in the Turnhill area.
In this area there is a large number of Jewish deli shops and supermarkets, that offer a variety of kosher food.

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Shema MA09:09
Shema GRO09:45
Tfila GRO10:40
Mincha Gdola MA12:58
Mincha Ktana MA15:43
Tzet haKochavim18:41


26 Feb - 27 Feb, 2021

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