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The UAE’s first glat kosher restaurant, Armani/Kaf, opened in the Burj Khalifa’s Armani Hotel Dubai on Thursday, September 17.

Armani/Kaf will be operated under the rabbinical supervision of Rabbi Levi Y Duchman, Rabbi of the UAE. The restaurant is certified with Glatt Kosher and Pas Yisroel certifications from Emirates Kosher Supervising Agency.

Guests of the hotel will also be offered the option of kosher in-room dining services.

Armani/Kaf is located in the world’s tallest building in Downtown Dubai. It allows 40 quests on the ground floor of the luxury hotel.

The opening season menu include spaghetti bolognese with fresh basil and cherry tomatoes, pan fried sea bass with parsnip puree, and beef bourguignon served with root vegetables, mushroom pilaf rice and thyme.

Middle Easter specialties such as hummus with tahini, baba ganoush, fattoush salad and lentil soup are also part of the menu.

Armani/Kaf is open from Sundays to Thursday from 6.30pm-11.30pm. It will be closed for dine-in guests on Fridays but will offer a special take-away menu for Shabbat.

The restaurant said that it will also soon announce a kosher delivery service too.


Source: KosherDev

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