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Yumi's Australia

29 Glen Eira Rd, Ripponlea 3185, 9523 6444


Distance: 0.22 miles


Solomons Kosher Butchers, Australia

140-144 Glen Eira Rd, Ripponlea 3185, 9532 8855


Distance: 0.34 miles


Melbourne Kosher Butchers, Australia

251 Inkerman St, St Kilda 3182, 9525 5077


Distance: 1.46 miles


Continental Kosher Butchers Australia

155 Glenferrie Rd, Malvern 3144, 9509 9822


Distance: 3.47 miles

Despite the huge distance between the Holy Land and the Australian continent, Jewish communities flourish in Melbourne.
Jewish community is very active in the southern half of the globe, and Melbourne itself is considered to be the center of the Orthodox Judaism in Australia.
There are Jewish schools, synagogues and kosher supermarkets in the city.
Melbourne Jewish History Museum is located in the suburbs of Kilda, where you will also find most of the synagogues, kosher restaurants, deli shops and Jewish bakeries.
In the city’s kosher restaurants, you can have Israeli street food as well as masterfully prepared gourmet meals.
The Jewish population of the city and tourists from all over the world are frequent visitors of local kosher cafes and bakeries who come to enjoy delicious kosher food along with an excellent service.

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Zmanim Time
Alot 04:39
Tallit 05:04
Netz 06:00
Shema MA 08:40
Shema GRO 09:16
Tfila GRO 10:21
Chatzot 12:32
Mincha Gdola MA 13:04
Mincha Ktana MA 16:20
Shkiah 19:04
Tzet haKochavim 19:42


26 Feb - 27 Feb, 2021

Candle ligthing 18:46
Havdalah 19:40


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